Chris McGinnis, the director of Travel Skills Group, Inc., has tracked travel trends since 1989 in a variety of roles such as business travel columnist for and travel correspondent on CNN Headline News. He’s also been the business travel columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Entrepreneur magazine. In addition to his consulting work, he now blogs about frequent travel on The San Francisco Chronicle’s website, SFgate and publishes The TICKET and The Bay Area Traveler blogs for business travelers. Chris is a regular contributor and commentator on CNN, HLN and Fox News. He co-hosts the popular #TravelSkills chat on Twitter. He contributes to several special business/luxury travel sections for the Wall Street JournalFortune and Bloomberg-BusinessWeek magazines. He’s also a speaker, consultant and the author of two books on business travel.

Currently based in San Francisco, Chris  has covered consumer and business travel issues since 1989 in a variety of roles, including:

photo by David G. McIntyre aboard a Cathay Pacific training cabin in Hong Kong