Delta Offers New Upgraded “Business Elite” SFO-New York (2.5 min VIDEO)

Delta’s now offering a schwanky new transcon Business Elite service for flights between SFO and New York-JFK.  Fares run in the $1000 to $3000 range.

I have only flown United P.S Business and Delta on this route and would love it if someone could chime in with some comments below about American’s premium classes or Virgin America’s first class on the route.

Delta’s upgraded service brings it up to par with rivals on the busy route.

Like United’s PS flights, Delta flies only Boeing 757’s on the route. However, Delta offers 16 Business Elite seats in the front section of the aircraft (forward of the galley and to the left when you enter the plane). The rest of the plane is coach (no first class.)

United P.S. offers 12 first class, lie flat seats and 26 business class, cradle style seats which are similar to Delta’s. (On United, first and business class comprise about two thirds of the on-board real estate.)

Delta Transcon Business Elite offers a wide range of entertainment options, but no live TV on its in-seat AVOD system. United passes out portable, individual inflight entertainment units that offer more limited choices than Delta’s.

United currently has in-flight wi-fi on ALL P.S. flights. Delta says that its wi-fi installation on these flights should be complete by the end of Dec 2009. Both United and Delta offer in-flight power plugs for laptops.

Anyway, TravelSkills recently went along for a test ride— see our 2.5 min video review. Enjoy! Take a look and let us know what you think. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!

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  • NowBoarding

    Ali – only one of AA’s 5 dailies is in the 2-class configuration (767-300) you describe. It’s equivalent to their international business product and is great, except it’s a little narrow in the shoulders given that they have a full six across in business (coach on the same aircraft is seven across). It also features in-seat power, but you’ll need a converter (big minus as far as I’m concerned).

    The other four dailies are on 767-200s, which are ancient but have maintained the 3-class layout and do not have a modern, lie-flat product in business. DL looks like a step up from this, if only because the equipment is a little bit more up to date. United’s business class seats are a bit dated, but very comfortable and sport a great deal of legroom. I’ve traveled in both United PS first and American’s transcontinental first and I wont comment except to say they’re both above Delta/VX premium product, but neither of them is worth the upcharge from business.

    As for lounge access, I know United (and I believe American) have both instituted complimentary lounge service for business class travelers on the JFK-SFO/LAX corridor. I haven’t visited the Admiral’s Club in SFO, but the Red Carpet Club is about on par with the Delta lounge, though I expect the latter is a bit quieter just based on the sheer number of club members/international premium cabin fliers coming through SFO on United.

  • Scott Howlett

    I almost always fly American for the transcon flight to SF, and used to fly UA. Seems like with this new service, Delta is bringing their service up to par with the business services on AA and UA. The pillows, duvets and meals all look pretty similar. I didn’t catch a glimpse of the all-important wine cart though! I do prefer AA’s 2 aisle configuration – feels more open. Delta nailed it with the free lounge access on that fare – AA doesn’t have that. One concern I would have if I were Delta, however, is that some companies allow their employees to fly Business only if it is a 3-cabin aircraft. But who knows. All in all it looks like a good effort. Thanks for the preview, Chris.

  • Ali Aarts

    In regards to American’s transcontinental flights,if I recall they use 767’s and the seats are all business class. The seats recline about 150-160 degrees and do have more leg room than the ones shown for Delta. I don’t recall the food looking as good as what you showed on your video for Delta.

  • chris

    (sent to me by a reader) Those are the same Recaro seats used by Virgin America on the same route – though Virgin’s seats look like they use a bit plusher leather. The food choices on this flight were not as creative as Virgin America but similar to United ps.