San Francisco’s Terminal 2: A hard hat tour! (3 min video)

Terminal 2 at SFO, the future home of Virgin America and American Airlines is expected to open next spring.

Earlier this month, airport authorities took TravelSkills on a behind-the-scenes hardhat tour to check on construction progress.

Take a look at the three-minute video to see it for yourself!

A few interesting things frequent travelers should know about T2:

>The terminal will be shared 50/50 by San Francisco-based Virgin America and American Airlines.

>Each airline will operate seven gates.

>American Airlines will occupy the left, or north side of the terminal. Virgin will occupy the right or south side.

>American will operate a brand new 10,000 square-foot Admirals Club. There are no plans for a Virgin America club, but airport officials say, “The entire terminal is going to feel like a club.” But if you really need a club, you can buy a day pass to the Admirals Club for $50.

>Tentative opening is April 2011.

>There will be eight security screening lanes.

>The terminal will offer free Wi-Fi throughout. (The entire airport will transition from paid to free Wi-Fi this September.)

>There will be 12 restaurants and nine retail stores in T2 including a Marketplace area that should resemble the Ferry Building on San Francisco’s Embarcadero. Most restaurants will specialize in organic, local and “Slow Food” menu items. (See below for map of concessions.)

>The renovated space will be bathed in natural light and include sky or cloud themed public art displays. Officials hope the terminal will be LEED certified.

>Total cost to renovate Terminal 2 is about $400 million.

Take a look at the three-minute video to see it for yourself!

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  • chris

    THanks Dave! Great idea. Will do. Stay tuned for our emoticon!

  • Dave in San Jose

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  • Ali Aarts

    This looks like it is going to be really cool. For someone who is a true American Airlines flier I am looking forward to it. Plus not having to deal with the international terminal when I fly on Virgin.

  • Tom McShane

    Great story. I had no idea what was going on in Terminal 2. Thanks for very interesting posting.