Is business travel back? You betcha! (See 2 min vid)

(Are you having problems viewing or hearing this video? Please email me and describe issue if so: I’ve gotten a few reports of issues and I’m trying to get to the bottom of the problem. Thanks–chris)

Last week I attended the National Business Travel Association convention and exposition in Houston, Texas. This is an annual gathering of about 6000 corporate travel buyers and sellers.

I attended the same conference last summer in San Diego, where the mood was a lot different. Last year, attendees were searching for ways to deal with “the new normal,” pondering which airline or hotel chain would file for bankruptcy next, and wondering if they’d still have their jobs and be back again for this year’s conference.

Check out my two-minute video from the trade show floor in Houston last week to learn how eight business insiders responded when I asked if business travel was back. Their answer was crystal clear.

How would YOU respond if I asked you the same question? Have you noticed much change from last year when it comes to your inclination to hit the roads and skies this year? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Tom McShane

    I sure hope you are right about business travel coming back. I just heard from my wife who flew yesterday SFO-CHGO-Brussels and said AA flight to Belgium was 1/2 full in business.

  • Ali Aarts

    Great video. I liked how you asked the major carriers their thoughts. Does this mean room nights and airfare is going to rise once again? Hope not.

  • Robert F

    Good concept for a video – survey many people with the same question. The video was crisply edited and interesting. Thanks for publishing it.