Exciting new look inside ATL Terminal F (video)

Construction updates from ATL regarding the new Maynard Jackson International Terminal F are fast and furious as opening day approaches in April or May (no hard date set yet). The latest “January Update” video (below) shows a nearly completed terminal— it looks like all they need to do is add the potted plants and passengers.

Won’t it be exciting to see a big A380 lumber up to the gate? Our bet is that Korean Air may be the first with the big bird…but who knows? Maybe Air France or Lufthansa will run one in here next summer.

Best part about the new Terminal F? Atlanta-bound passengers (ie TICKET readers!) will no longer have to re-check bags and pass through security in order to leave the airport (as they do when arriving at Terminal E). Also, the Terminal’s new parking deck will include a special GOLD RESERVE parking lot.

What are your thoughts about the new International Terminal? Please leave you comments below.


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  • Chip

    Just like the blown opportunity to make the 14th Street bridge across the connector be a generational landmark architecural masterpiece, the new international terminal is a huge yawn.

  • sherry

    I’m with Chris.
    If the train will run here, then Yay!
    While this is not an architectural marvel, it looks like growth, improvement, progress.
    Atlanta needs to make headway in the area of transportation.
    My only complaint is that I’m flying to CDC in March and I’m going to miss being an inaugural flyer.

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  • Nigel Glover

    Does it make sense to park at the F end if you are going to C and D (as I do when flying AirTran)?

  • Chris

    Hey there folks: The runway/taxiway widening project for the A380 is underway. http://www.atlanta-airport.com/HJN/2011/06/business4.htm. Also, airport trains will run to the new terminal F. And my two cents on the design– ATL has never been beautiful, but it’s extremely functional, and I think the new terminal fits in nicely with the overall look of the airport. I’m glad to have the extra space– chris

  • Frank Wrenn

    I thought the ATL’s runways could not accommodate an A380?

  • CDG

    Best of all, no more rechecking luggage for ATL inbound passengers!

  • Glenn

    I could be wrong, but I thought I saw pictures of the tunnel being dug to the new terminal. In fact, the airport’s website says it will go to the new terminal: http://www.atlanta-airport.com/Airport/APM/

  • TV

    Bland, you say JK and Peter? For me, why does it still look like a shopping mall designed in the early 1990s? Then again, why does all of ATL look like a shopping mall designed in the 1990s?

    One thing Delta doesn’t know is how to get good architects, evidently…

  • RD

    The short sighted plans not to extend the airport train to the F Concourse was a grave mistake. I am sure we will be spending twice that in a few years to make “One” airport.

    With the separate entrances, parking and shuttle buses they could have put the new terminal at Dobbins.

    I also noticed they do not have two jet ways at each gate like at other International concourses.

    Very disappointing.

  • Peter

    I have to so totally agree with JK. For the world’s busiest airport, this is as bland as milk toast. You can go just about anywhere else in the world and find stunning architecture, show pieces for whatever principality they are in. this is just another box with gates.

    And if what Bryan says is true, well, I don’t know what to say. Was anyone actually in charge of *planning* this terminal?

  • Bryan

    As one that travels internationally and also uses MARTA to travel to/from ATL, I am NOT looking forward to the new terminal. MARTA passengers will be forced to ride a bus (yes, a bus) back to the main terminal to catch MARTA. UGH!!!

  • http://www.brooksimages.com Darryl Brooks

    Love the fact that I won’t have to go back through security. Curios about how this works. An incoming flight is always a mix of connecting and terminating passengers. How will this work re Terminal F and E?

  • http://www.JeffMcCrary.com Jeff McCrary

    Wow! I love the new terminal especially the extra high ceilings. Looks very sharp and not too flashy!

  • JK

    I’m sure the new terminal will be very efficient, but so far it looks a bit bland and uninspired compared to some of the more exciting new international terminals around the world (e.g. Beijing, Singapore, even SFO!) Saw a Korean Air A380 take-off, and an Emirates A380 land, within a few minutes of each other at JFK earlier this week – I never get tired of seeing those planes, and hope that Atlanta travelers soon get to experience the same thrill.