Chic new Air France lounge at Paris CDG (new photos)

[All photos credit: Air France]

Air France opens its largest and chic-est business class lounge at the new S4 boarding satellite area at Paris CDG Terminal 2E on Thursday, June 28. Some notes:

>All SkyTeam (including Delta) long-haul flights to/from the US and elsewhere will now dock at S4 (some also at nearby S3). The new terminal can accomodate 16 flights, including SIX giant A380s. “S4″ stands for “Satellite 4.”

>The new business class lounge is located in the middle of S4.

>The new S4 space cost 580 million euros.

>Air France will provide lounge customers with with digital tablets (like iPads) on which they can read magazines and newspapers.

>Clarins will operate three “cabins” where passengers can get facials or other beauty treatments.

>Full buffet of hot and cold food, including a pasta and risotto bar. And champagne, of course.

What do you think? Does this new addition to CDG make the prospect of a trip to or through Paris more appealing? How does this lounge compare to others in the SkyTeam alliance? Please leave your comments below. 

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  • Perry Katopodis

    Having worked for 2 French based companies my whole career (30 years) and having been to France well over 100 times and having lived in France for a year, I came to the following conclusion. CDG is the strike and disruption capital of Europe…No matter how you slice it something will go wrong in CDG and you will be left to fend for yourself regardless of Diamond, Platinum, Gold or any other metal or precious stone. Make your connection in FRA, MUC, AMS, BRU anywhere but CDG, or ORY. The only positive that the new AF lounge will offer is some good wine and cheese…

  • Edward

    CDG has beautiful terminals. Enjoy the trip… just schedule at least 2 hours into your connection.

  • Dan Nainan, Comedian

    I have to disagree vehemently with the above statements. I’ve flown through CDG many times over the past two years, and found it to be wonderful. It’s very open and spacious, there are plenty of power plants everywhere and as someone who speaks passable French, I have found everyone there to be nice, and very easy to deal with.

    I’m very much looking forward to checking out the new lounge.

  • Bill Brady

    Even though I speak conversational French, I agree with most of the comments re CDG being a confusing, altogether too massive, airport. (My direction-challenged wife would become, pardon the pun, “interminably” lost were she to change flights here alone.) However, having been through CDG a dozen times in the past three years, I must take exception to some of the criticism based on my experience with people whom I have encountered. Unfortunately, I literally spent an entire July, 2010 Saturday in three separate lounges due to a wildcat air traffic controller strike. We were reluctant “prisoners,” not permitted to leave the secured areas as our flights had not been cancelled and our luggage previously checked. So we couldn’t leave the area or reenter! The lounge personnel, however, were polite, sympathetic, engaging many of us in pleasant conversation, updating us on the weather, the strike and French law! Air France personnel in particular have been uniformly kind and accommodating on our trips on both AF and BA, and the AF business lounges are exceptional. (BA uses the American Airlines lounge which is also very fine, but far away from the BA gates.) The new AF A380 lounge is quite spectacular. The Terminal 2 lounges on both floors are kept well stocked with food and drink of fine quality, as you would expect from Air France. So at the risk of offering a contrary opinion to those more seasoned travelers. count me a fan of CDG when on business, and of Air France especially. I just wish it didn’t take more than 30 or 40 minutes to travel between gates when connecting between transatlantic and intra-Europe flights.

  • Phil Bush

    No matter how Chic the Lounge is, it still would mean that you had to be at the WORST Airport in the world, CDG. I have been in many, many airports, and CDG is the poster child for bad. There is NOTHING good about this place. You can have the most wonderful Club in the World, it does not excuse the horribly bad Service, Attitude, and overall Uncaring attitude that Every employee goes out of their way to exhibit to ANYone who dare ask a question. It is a horrible place. I will Never go there unless I had to do business in France. If I was going somewhere else in Europe, I would focus on connecting through Amsterdam under any and ALL circumstances! As a Delta Diamond and 4,450,000 miler, NOTHING is worth going through CDG, NOTHING!

  • Mark

    Nice, but the problem with CDG is the difficulty and time to transfer from one terminal to another. I’d still avoid CDG unless going in and out of the same terminal…