Apple vs Visa vs United Olympic ads: Who wins?

There are three Olympic ads running this week that have a lot to do with frequent travel AND the Bay Area. They are perfect to instigate commentary and debate on TravelSkills. Take a gander and tell us which one wins the gold medal in your mind. Leave your comments below.

Apple, which is based here and on which this blog is created each week, has a clever ad depicting how an Apple Genius on board a plane comes to the rescue of passengers in the middle of a flight much like a doctor would.

Visa, a card most TravelSkills reader have in their wallet, which is also Bay Area based, put out a variety of ads, the most dramatic of which shows an Olympic diver descending from the tippy top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

United, which is an official sponsor of the US Olympic Team, offers up an ad meant to tug at our Olympic heartstrings, showing athletes in various stages of departure.

First up, Apple:

Next up, Visa:

Next up, United:

Sorry but you must click over to United to see this ad… it has disabled embedding for some reason….click on the image to view.

They are all good, but which one gets the gold…and why? Please leave your comments below.


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  • Marc

    Bronze – Apple. I just didn’t see the tie in to the Olympics
    Silver – United. Can’t stand the Polo logo, but that’s not their fault. I’m also glad that Rhapsody in Blue as background music survived the merger.
    Gold – Visa for creatively illustrating how hard our athletes work to get there!

  • David

    United — why? Because of the great version of Rhapsody in Blue they are using!

  • Robert

    Apple gets the gold! Fun ad that plays to iPad strengths in a personal use setting. Apple could have gone down a stodgier route showing business travelers checking email, working on presentations, etc. Instead you have a light-hearted, fun ad showing what you can do with the iPad in a common product use environment – onboard a flight. Good show!

    The worst of the three was the United ad. The ad doesn’t offer much about post-merger United and hardly makes an emotional connection with the viewer. McGarryBowen had over a year to work on the first new United campaign since landing the account. Unfortunately the TV campaign (along with the shrink-wrapped MUNI trains and bus shelter signs) is best described in one word: unremarkable.