United fare sale for fall/winter trips

A United Airlines 777 at London Heathrow airport (Photo: Chris McGinnis)

Today United Airlines quietly rolled out some rather remarkable deals for fall and winter travel.

As usual, the sale fares do not apply on the key peak travel days around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

But if you can travel in early to mid-December, or after New Years in January or February, you should check this out.

Currently, United is not showing an end date for booking this sale, but you can bet that seats on the most convenient flights will get scooped up fast. And the sale can be yanked at any moment…

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Here are some of the best roundtrip deals (all in) I’ve seen from SFO:

>Seattle: $210

>Houston: $231

>Denver: $238

>Ft Lauderdale or W Palm Beach: $260

>New Orleans: $284

>Miami: $299

>Puerto Vallarta: $361

>Beijing: $909

Here’s the link to the United sale fares from SFO

— by Chris McGinnis


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  • Doug

    I meant to say “HNL”.

  • Doug

    I wouldn’t call these fares TOO much of a good deal!

    Last week, we booked a trip to Seattle on United for $218.

    And I frequently check on flights to HON, and they’ve been running at $318 for the last couple of weeks on UA and AS (somewhat higher on HA).

  • Ed Jones

    Chris, United has had great unpublished deals since Labor Day. I booked KOA for 1st week of December for $328 RT.

    Amazes me how consistent airlines are about their fare sales and how the public always seems to be amazed when they finally publish them. Great blog, BTW!