Singapore Airlines giant Airbus A380 arrives at SFO

Singapore Airlines’ giant Airbus A380-800 on a rainy Friday night at SFO preparing to depart for a midnight departure for Hong Kong (Photo: SFO)

Last  Friday (Dec 28), a giant double-decker Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 arrived at San Francisco International from Hong Kong at 7:10pm, marking the first A380 flights between SFO and Asia. (SFO has seen A380s from Lufthansa and Air France previously.) Singapore Airlines is offering this “pop-up” service on the San Francisco>Hong Kong>Singapore route between now and March 24 only– and will switch back to standard Boeing 777 service after that.)

To mark the occasion, Singapore held a reception at the gate for its flight SQ 1, departing at 11:48pm for Hong Kong and then continuing on to Singapore.  There were 438 passengers on the departing flight, with eight in the jumbo’s well-known luxury suites (first class); 45 in business class, and 385 in economy class.

The big bird departs from gate 101 at SFO’s international terminal– specially designed to accommodate passengers entering the upper and lower levels. When boarding, economy class passengers take an escalator down to the lower level for boarding. Business and first class passengers board from the terminal’s main level via a third jetway connected to the plane’s upper deck. (See photo)

Unlike other carriers, Singapore’s seat configuration on the A380-800 has its 12 first class suites at the front end of the lower deck, with 311 economy class seats behind. Upstairs, there are 60 business class seats in the front end of the deck,  then 88 economy class seats behind that. (Here’s a link to the configuration.) There are staircases at both the front and the rear of the aircraft.

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One of three jetways help speed boarding the giant aircraft which carried 438 passengers on its first flight from SFO. (Photo: SFO)

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Passengers onboard Singapore’s first A380 flight from SFO saw special signage at check in and were treated to a special reception at the gate. (Photo: SFO)


SFO spent millions to accomodate the A380 with three separate jetways– two for economy passengers who enter on a lower level, and one for business and first class passengers who enter from the main level. (Photo: SFO)

The tail of this big bird soars 80 feet in the air. It’s 238 feet long, and its wings span a whopping 262 feet. (Photo: SFO)


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  • John Shea

    Great photos of the Singapore A380 at SFO. More to come, I hope. Air France return of theirs, perhaps ?
    Qantas needs to move a flight up here from LAX, but they won’t. Qantas flew to SFO before LAX back in the 60s and early 70s. I remember the daily Qantas 707 coming in over Redwood City from Honolulu and Sydney in the late 60s.
    Hope to see the return of classic commercial travel with the new aircraft. Be sure to pick up a DVD copy of the 1969 film “Bullet” with Steve McQueen as he runs under a Pan Am 707 on the SFO tarmacs and runways chasing a bad guy. The original international concourse is shown, as well as the Central Terminal baggage area (now T-2, and previously in the 1980s and 90s, the old international terminal) where the climax occurs in those scenes.