New business class lounge at San Jose Airport [PHOTOS]

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To coincide with the launch of ANA’s new nonstops to Tokyo, San Jose International Airport opened a big, bright, world-class, $1.6 million business class lounge this week.  And TravelSkills was there with a camera! (so please click through the slideshow above!)

A big, bright room for socializing

A big, bright room for socializing

The Club at SJC” is located across and upstairs from gate 15 (Terminal A) and is only accessible to those inside airport security. While ANA business class passengers can use the lounge for free, anyone can enter by paying the $35 fee for day use. Priority Pass cardholders (both regular and select) have access, too.

The lounge will be busiest during the hour or two prior to ANA’s departure at 11:45 am, but the club is open daily from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Once inside, everyone gets:

  • Snacks and beverages, including beer, wine and well-brand booze. You pay a premium for call brands like Patron or Grey Goose.
  • Free Wi-fi access
  • Access to a single shower room (towels, shampoo and soap provided)
  • Business center with access to two PCs and a printer
  • One private conference room

The 7,400 square foot club consists of two large rooms separated by the bar/buffet area. The eastern side is for socializing, with a bar, a large communal table and plenty of comfortable seating arranged in conversation nooks. It’s also the bright side,with views east over parking lots toward downtown San Jose.

ANA crews are ready to welcome business travelers to the new Club at San Jose

ANA crews are ready to welcome business travelers to the new Club at SJC

The western side is the business side—where you’ll find handsome stained wood work carrels with electrical outlets, and seats for those who need to sit and relax or get some work done. Windows look out at the airport concourse below, and beyond to runways. (See slideshow above)

In between the two rooms is the buffet, which will offer mostly cold snacks such as sandwiches, cheeses, vegetable crudités and chips. However, the lounge will offer hot breakfast items from 9:30 to 11:30 each morning prior to ANA’s 11:45 a.m. departure.

The lounge has a maximum capacity of 128. There are enough electrical outlets (US-style only) throughout the club for an army of business travelers. The interior design is modern and comfortable, with mostly neutral tones, but occasional pops of color, such as lime green. (See slideshow above.)

The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art has partnered with the lounge, and is exhibiting eye-catching and unusual travel-related works from local artists that are also available for sale. (See slideshow above for a look at the art.)

San Jose’s lounge is the fifth “common use” business class airport lounge opened by The Club Airport Lounges. It has recent opened two lounges at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, one in Dallas Ft Worth, and another at the new terminal at Raleigh-Durham.

Do you like what you see? Is an airport lounge enough to get you to give SJC a try? Why or why not? Please take a look at the slideshow above, and leave your comments below.

–Chris McGinnis


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  • Ken

    Nice. And what will the sky-lounges be like at the new Niners’ Stadium?

  • judy serie nagy

    One shower in a luxury airport lounge. We have a saying here in Santa Clara County, “If it can be done upside down and backwards, we’re the ones to do a really good job of it”. It’s almost impossible for a normal person to fathom the dumb things that happen here. Major roads that change names 5 times in 15 miles, departure from SJC long-term parking right through the middle of the airport traffic, I could go on and on So not having at least two showers doesn’t surprise me. After all, not too long ago people would arrive at the self-styled Capitol of Silicon Valley and walk forever under filthy, tattered canvas from the plane to the airport. Oh, yeah, and have to use STAIRS out of the plane!

  • Scott

    Good for them. I was surprised that there was only a single shower. Would really make it stressful and defeats the whole relaxation idea. But was also surprised by the low day pass cost. I could certainly get my money’s worth with the free booze!

  • John Shea

    Got to SJC too late to see ANA’s 787 land, but did see the beautiful takeoff from atop Terminal A garage with KTVU Reporter, Robert Handa and his cameraman. I heard about the Club opening opposite Gate 15 in the International Arrivals building at SJC. Your photos, Chris are excellent. It is important for business travelers as well as leisure travelers to have this amenity. Enroute from Santa Clara Train Station, I hopped aboard the free shuttle VTA Bus 10 at 9:09, and wasn’t aware of the fact that ANA’s flight from Tokyo would arrive about 45 minutes early. I could see several photographers on the approach road at the south end of the runways to watch the landing, and it appeared that I just missed the landing by minutes as my bus proceeded to the terminals. I waited south of Terminal B for at least 30 minutes before asking someone if the plane had arrived. Sure enough it had. Spoke with a police officer and he said that the best view was atop Terminal A where he often has lunch and watches the planes from there. Turns out it was the best decision to go there for the takeoff, and it has a fantastic view of the field and terminals. I could easily see the jetway bridge still in position with the 787. Just a few of us were on that elevator tower overlooking the top floor of the Terminal A garage, and there were others at the southern elevator tower but they may have had a just a tail view of the plane at the gate where we had 3/4 view of most of the 787. Sure hoping 2013 gives the industry and SJC a big boost.. I understand that the first 6 gates at SJC are not used except for Gate 3 for one of Hawiian’s two daily flights. The earlier flight goes out of Gate 14 or 15 in the International building. One goes to Maui, the other Honolulu. A new carrier subject to FAA certification as early as March called California Pacific Airlines may begin service from San Jose and Oakland to their hub in Carlsbad, North San Diego.County. SJC is ready for the future. Great going SJC.

  • judy nagy

    WOWZER! San Jose making an attempt at growing up – great news, can’t wait to try it.

  • chris

    THANKS, Ismael! Please tell them to sign up for The BAT, too! –chris

  • Ismael Barba

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to tell all my Corporate clients about it.