Flying to New Orleans for Super Bowl

Southwest nonstops between SFO and New Orleans. Get /em while they are hot! They will not last.

Southwest nonstops between SFO and New Orleans. Get /em while they are hot! They will not last.

As soon and the 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons yesterday, I checked in with United to see how much it would cost to fly nonstop to New Orleans for the Super Bowl on Feb 3. At that time, nonstops were running a cool $2166 round trip. Ouch! And United is the only airline that offers regularly scheduled nonstop flights between the Bay Area and New Orleans. Update: Most UAL nonstops are now sold out on or around Super Bowl weekend.

Then, this afternoon (Monday), Southwest Airlines announced that it was adding special nonstop flights between SFO and New Orleans (MSY) for Superbowl weekend. It’s adding two nonstops on Thurs, Jan 31 from SFO to New Orleans… and two return nonstops MSY>SFO on Monday Feb 4. Round trip fares are not cheap– right now they are $1270.00. Southwest’s 737s only hold about 150 passengers (depending on which type they use) so you can bet these seats will go fast!

One stop flights between Bay Area airports and New Orleans on a variety of airlines are now going for about $1500 round trip.

Hotel prices are, as expected, rapacious. Super 8’s going for $400+ per night! See this. Willing to bunk up in someone’s house or extra room? Non-hotel lodging options are somewhat plentiful on, or Craigslist.

Oh, and then you’ll have to buy tickets for the game, too. Right? They are now going for about $2000 each. 

I’m hearing that United or other airlines may step in with more special flights from the Bay… I will update with new info on this page if they do…

Are you going to go?

–Chris McGinnis

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  • John Shea

    Sorry about your hometown team, Chris……
    Historical year for Bay Area Professional and College Teams.
    Cheapest way to New Orleans would likely be through Dallas or Houston on a connection, or just drive down while the weather is good in the south. Glad New Orleans is having it again if only for their local economy.

  • andrew huynh

    As much as I love the Niners, I don’t think I could make myself spend that much for airfare, game tickets, and hotel!

  • judy serie nagy

    Always makes me glad you sports freaks keep the economy going