Love to fly in business class? Then see this…

Click on photo to launch slideshow of 15 business class seats!

Click on photo to launch slideshow of 15 business class seats!

Last week I attended the Global Business Travel Association convention in San Diego. The best part about this confab is the trade show floor, where most major global airlines show off their latest, greatest business class seats.

Want to see what I saw?

Click on the photo above or here to launch the Google+ slideshow where I present to you my photos of 15 of the cushiest seats in the sky!

Which one looks best? Which one(s) have you flown? Please leave your comments below. 

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 8.10.40 AM

Chris McGinnis


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  • MightyTravels

    The Virgin seat looks awesome – I have yet to try this one. Usually the Cathay Pacific/ US Airways/ EVA air is my favorite.

  • turuse

    hi chris – flew on LH with 1 of the old-style slanting biz seats in May – not fun (amazing how spoilt we can get…) – last time i flew w/ Virgin i was not happy with the herringbone pattern – what a waste of a window! will be trying out Turkish Airlines early next year and am looking forward to it (also hoping they provide a forklift for passengers who’ve managed to eat all the available delicious food)

  • Nick

    That new Lufthansa Business seat is nice flown it a few times now. Rear facing seats are actually safer.

  • Chris McGinnis

    Same thing happened on my last Qantas flight to Australia…any time an FA or passenger walked by, the entire row felt the clomp clomp. — chris

  • Chris McGinnis

    I’m a big fan of United’s new seat, but I did not see it on display at this show. That Emirates private cabin is sweet! But that’s first class– chris

  • Chris McGinnis

    Hey JK! Delta was there with a seat. But United was not. Regrettably I was unable to get high quality photos of every chair there — chris

  • Amelia Earwhig

    United has the best except for the reverse pattern on international flights. I now go from sfo to NRT Global first class united which has only about 10 seats in the cabin. Emirates looks the best with the little private roomette. No more coach for me, my last meal was served in a paper tray as if I were a dog and my dish was set down in front of me.

  • JohnM

    I have flown on EVA Air new Royal Laurel class, SFO-TPE. Only negative is the seats are as hard as a rock. I had to padden them up with pillows and duvet. The Virgin Atlantic seats look good and I like the pivacy between the seats.

  • Sierrajeff

    The problem isn’t the business seats… it’s the flight attendants clomping up and down the aisle every 5 minutes. Flew business class on Air France to Paris in April, and got no sleep from the constant clomp-clomp-clomp.

  • JK

    Were Delta & United at the show? I still think United has one of the better int’l business class seats (which I’ll be flying again to London next week.) I flew in one of Delta’s new int’l business class seats a few weeks ago – nice, but definitely not very wide. I think Japan Airlines & LAN look the most inviting from your photos. Avianca looks like it missed the mark on 180 lie-flat, but agree the flight attendant looks pretty cool – shades of the old Braniff days.

  • Chris McGinnis

    Glad that attention-grabber worked! 😉
    Cheers– chris

  • noah

    Your use of tilt angle makes it seem like the plane is about to crash.