A look inside Singapore Air’s newest jet (SLIDESHOW)

First look at a brand new B777-300ER at Boeing's slick new delivery center (Chris McGinnis)

First look at a brand new B777-300ER at Boeing’s slick new delivery center (Chris McGinnis)

Last week Singapore Airlines (SIA) invited TravelSkills up to Seattle to a look inside its new Boeing 777-300ER as it rolled off the assembly line. In the airline industry, this is known as a “delivery.” And when an airline spends $200-$300 million on a new plane, Boeing makes sure that the delivery is a big deal. As a matter of fact, Boeing just opened a brand new, multi-million-dollar, 180,000 square foot “delivery center” for the sole purpose of showing off its jumbo birds at the moment the keys are turned over to its airline customers.

The Boeing name plate inside the front door of a brand new 777-300-ER (Chris McGinnis)

The Boeing name plate inside the front door of a brand new 777-300-ER (Chris McGinnis)

Singapore Airlines flew us up to see the first of eight new Boeing 777-300ERs that are outfitted with its new interiors– everything from seats, lights, lavs, seatback video screens, fabric and trim is “new generation.” Seeing this plane was especially exciting to me because SFO is one of just two cities in the US served by Singapore’s fleet of 777s– the other being Houston. (Its other US gateways are served by A380s.) That means it’s likely that SFO will be the first airport in the US to see this posh new plane in service.

Alas, the beautiful bird I saw was bound for Singapore, and later this month deployed on the lucrative Singapore-London route. And although Singapore officials were coy about my direct questions regarding exactly when SFO will see a next-generation B777-300ER, my hopes are high that it will be sooner than later. Currently, Singapore has eight of the new planes on order, so we’ll see!

On Singapore Air’s B777-300ER there are eight first class seats, 42 business class seats, 228 economy seats, and 8 cozy sleeping berths in the crew rest area (see the slideshow for a peek at this hidden cabin!).

For a full look at this big bird, see the slideshow! 

Singapore Air's new first class seat in chocolate brown leather trimmed in bright pumpkin orange (Chris McGinnis)

Singapore Air’s new first class seat in chocolate brown leather trimmed in bright pumpkin orange (Chris McGinnis)

Highlights of new first class:

When folded down into a bed, the new seat is a lengthy 82 inches long.

The new seat (designed by BMW Group/DesignworksUSA) is tricked out a sexy chocolate brown leather with a classy diamond-patterned stitching, which is brightened by pops of bright pumpkin orange in the trim, pillows, and inside the multiple cubbyholes used for storage of person items. I loved that!

Inflight entertainment screens seem impossibly large at 24 inches across. In first as well as other cabins, a new notification system is used to communicate flight info to passengers, reducing the need for intrusive onboard announcements.

For a full look at the seat, see the slideshow! 

BAT editor Chris McGinnis testing out Singapore's new business class seat

BAT editor Chris McGinnis testing out Singapore’s new business class seat

Business class:

When folded down into a flat bed, the new seat is 78 inches long and 35 inches wide.

Inflight entertainment LCD screens are huge at 18″ across. A new feature on Singapore’s KrisWorld system is the ability to rate the movies you are watching, and see how other SIA passengers have rated them.

Each seat has power, USB, eXport and HDMI ports.

Key for long haul flights is the abundance of personal storage space in various areas in the seat area.

For a full look at the seat, see the slideshow! 

Economy class seats have 11.1 inch LCD screens (Chris McGinnis)

Economy class seats have 11.1 inch LCD screens (Chris McGinnis)

Economy class:

The pitch in economy class is the standard 32″. (No premium economy seats.) Seats are made in cool fabric with adjustable leather headrests.

New seatback video screens  are giant a 11.1 inches across, plus they are touch screens for easier entertainment selection and viewing. Economy class passengers have access to over 1,000 on demand entertainment options– the same choices found in business and first class. Nice!

Each economy seat has a thoughtful makeup mirror built into the tray table, and special nooks in the mesh seatback pocket for smartphones, tablets and water bottles.

For a full look at the seat, see the slideshow! 

While this new 777 was built for Singapore Airlines, it’s important to see because so many other major airlines take their design and comfort queues from SIA. So eventually what you see here is what you might see on other carriers in years to come…

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Chris McGinnis

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  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    No PJs this time… we were not on a flight– it was just a look at the new plane parked at the Boeing delivery center. — chris

  • Kyleandrew

    Chris, Didn’t Singapore issue you PJs? . . .

  • Aaron

    I loved the photos of the crew rest area (neat to see a part of the plane most people will never know exists)! Since I never fly business or first (my company won’t allow it), it’s good to see your focus on economy seating, though I wish they’d add an inch or two to the pitch.

  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    Yep, its faster uploading, too. I’ll continue to use it as my primary means of sharing photos unless I hear any negative comments. So far, the positive ones are winning out!

  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    Look closely at the slideshow…you’ll see it’s quite different.

  • TravelinmanS

    Looks like the same business class seat I just few in on SQ 2 days ago, the one that’s been around for a while now. Too wide and not as comfortable as Cathay, my favorite airline. But let’s be honest, they both are great!

  • netopiax

    For my part I like the Google+ slideshows. They are pretty high-performance when flipping through pictures. Probably saves you a few $ on bandwidth too.

  • netopiax

    This type of footrest has been fairly common on non-US carriers for a while now. When folded it can bump your knees, which might be why US carriers forego them.

  • BilyyBob

    Nice to see SQ keep 3x3x3 in Y. Unlike EK, AA and BA who cram in 10 across

  • Rwcflyer

    Happy to see footrests in Economy! Buses have had those for several decades, but until now I haven’t seen them on planes. Why did they take so long to make the jump?

  • Friendly_Skies

    Thanks for sharing Chris! Is the plane equip with WIFI ? I see a hump that seems to be the antenna.