SFO security line update + mod SFO video

Today TravelSkills received an update regarding changes in TSA security checkpoints at United’s Terminal 3 at San Francisco International. Here’s the latest:

  • The current United Airlines Premier checkpoint (F3 on western side of Terminal 3) is currently under construction to expand to six lanes. The target for completion is the end of January 2014. (That’s also the estimated opening date for the brand new Boarding Area E (which replaced old American gates).
  • The next phase is to expand the F1 checkpoint (on the eastern side of Terminal 3) to ten lanes. That project should be ready by the summer of 2015.
  • Once both new security checkpoints are up and running, the current F2 checkpoint (in the middle of Terminal 3) will be eliminated.

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NEON SFO. The video above is a new short film by local filmmaker James O’Malley, which shows the beauty our very own SFO in time-lapse neon. Titled ‘Neon San Francisco,’ the video showcases the flurry of activity that occurs daily at San Francisco International Airport and was made with the hope of reconnecting the audience with the romance of air travel. Take a look at the video and let us know… Does it do that for you? Enjoy! 

Chris McGinnis


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  • Neut

    As an employee of TSA/CAS @ SFO, it is my firm belief that those extra lanes will mean nothing so long as they remain understaffed. And since the new CBA went into effect (a much more strict attendance policy [for] & reduced leave [against]) the turnover rate has been really high–I believe higher than the rate of incoming noobs. Who knows… perhaps CAS management will pull a collective rabbit out of their @$$—yep, I’m not a fan of them LOL!

  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    From what Ive seen recently, there’s little or no impact from the construction for now at least.

  • SFOPhD

    Thanks for the update Chris! What impact does “construction” have on the current lines at F3?

  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    SFO says that they are in discussions to have PreCheck at F1— but for now all we know is that it will def still be part of F3 Premier checkpoint– chris

  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    Hey Jim: Yes, F3 is the premier security line, which includes a PreCheck line– chris

  • http://www.travelskills.com/ Chris McGinnis

    I’m hoping it will be in both places… but let me verify that. — chris

  • Jim

    I’m directionally challenged, the F3 checkpoint is where the current TSA PreCheck is currently located, yes?

  • Fubar

    So what happens to the TSA-pre line for Terminal 3?

  • Neil

    Do we know yet whether PreCheck will stay at F3, move to F1, or be in both places?