JetBlue’s new biz class SFO-JFK will disrupt

JetBlue new Mint and coach seat on display in San Diego in August (Chris McGinnis)

JetBlue’s new Mint (biz class) and coach seat on display in San Diego in August (Chris McGinnis)

Today JetBlue revealed plans for rolling out its new “Mint” business class service on flights between New York-JFK and the West Coast. SFO flights begin October 26, 2015.

What does this mean for TravelSkills Readers? It means that the price of  transcon business class flying could tumble (at least temporarily) as competing airlines lower fares to snag those highly sought-after, full-fare-paying business travelers. Currently, front-of-the-plane roundtrip fares on United, Virgin America, Delta and American nonstops are in the painful $3,000 to $4,000 range.

JetBlue’s roundtrip, nonstop business class fares of $1,200, announced today, are bound to put downward pressure on those sky high fares as other airlines lower or match it to maintain their market share in this lucrative market.

Details revealed today about the new “Mint” class:

JetBlue's new Mint seat with 15 " screen and sliding door that creates semi-private cabin (Chris McGinnis)

JetBlue’s new Mint seat with 15 ” screen and sliding door that creates semi-private cabin (Chris McGinnis)

>New lie-flat business class seats, several of which will include a sliding door that creates a semi-private suite. Each seat has 15″ video screens and power outlets. JetBlue claims it will have the longest lie-flat bed on the route, “up to 6’8″.

>While it remains to be seen, JetBlue is promising that its new satellite-based wi-fi system Fly-fi will be faster and more reliable that what’s currently available on other carriers. (Currently, JetBlue does not offer wi-fi, which is a big reason more TravelSkills Readers have stayed away.)

>A new “tapas-style” menu, pre-flight cocktails and an onboard espresso maker.

>JetBlue will deploy new Airbus A321 aircraft on its transcon routes, which will include new coach class seats with a roomy 33 inches of pitch in standard coach, 37″ in “Even More Space,” and all seats will have access to electrical outlets. (JetBlue’s current coach seat offers 34″ of pitch).

But it’s going to be a while before we see the new service at SFO. As usual, LAX gets the goodies first, starting next June. JetBlue says the “Mint experience will be introduced on flights between JFK and San Francisco in the fourth quarter of 2014, with all five JFK-SFO flights offering Mint by the end of first quarter 2015.”

What’s the competition saying about this? Virgin America spokesperson Jennifer Thomas told TravelSkills, “Although lie flats are a great added amenity for international flights and red-eyes, we remain confident we have the right cabin mix for U.S. domestic business travelers, who enjoy not only our plush seating (First Class has 165 degree recline – so nearly lie-flat), but the award-winning service experience delivered by our teammates, and amenities like guaranteed WiFi and power outlets along with live TV and entertainment.”

Would you switch loyalties and jump on a JetBlue flight for $1,200 business class round trip to NYC? Please leave your comments below. 

Chris McGinnis


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  • mike

    Yep! United/Continental, and the rest are shoddy dealers of the “implied comfort” first/business class…and does not deliver like Jet Blue!

  • DHForte

    I wouldn’t consider it a disruption since JB is not big enough to influence pricing (although it may motivate United to hurry up with introducing WIFi in all flights between SFO and JFK) so I would consider the new fare as an introductory price that will slowly creep up as the market demand increases. The fare should be in the same price range as the major carriers in 12 months or so. Nonetheless, thanks for the news, I’ll take advantage of the low prices while they last.

  • Gemini210

    Sign me up! If they hit that price point to NYC, and the schedule works, they become my new favorite airline. Screw FF points, they always give you crappy routings with tight connections.

  • Chris McGinnis

    Hey there AB: Good points all, but keep in mind JetBlue flies from all three Bay Area Airports.. and from SFO alone it flies to Boston, Austin, Long Beach, Ft Lauderdale as well as JFK.

  • alanbill

    The new business class seats sound appealing, however, I will probably stick to looking for deals or upgrades on United, Delta and American. Jet Blue is not big enough at San Fran to try to maintain another program, and has no partner programs I could benefit from (I think they partner with Lufthansa Miles and More, but am not likely to join that program given my United status). Since all their other flights are all-economy, the only destination for award travel would be JFK, and I bet those will be difficult to get.

  • Tim

    I just hope the new planes free up A320’s for non-red eye flights from Oakland