What to do if pulled over by the police [Infographic]

Since most business travel is by car rather than by plane– and even if it’s by plane, there’s likely a car trip at one or both ends of the flight, we offer the following infographic as a public service.

If you’ve ever wondered how to behave when pulled over by the police, here’s a good primer on what to do, and what your rights are.

Know Your Rights
Source: Online-Paralegal-Programs.com

Have you ever been pulled over by the police while on a business trip? Share your stories below.

— Chris McGinnis

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  • MadMac89

    really? oh please. Do this south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and you have a good likelyhood of going to the hospital, not to mention the handcuffs. This might be “legally” true, but much of this is really bad advice to the BAT traveller.