Bikini-clad safety video

Air New Zealand Safety Video

Christie Brinkley has a cameo in Air New Zealand’s new bikinis & beefcake preflight safety video

Air New Zealand and Sports Illustrated teamed up to produce this brand new, bright and sexy bikini-clad flight safety video:

This of course comes on the heels of Virgin America’s  Glee-like attempt to grab our attention last October. And Delta’s recently popular 80’s themed pre-flight safety video.

What do you think about themed inflight safety videos? Cool and fun…or irritating?

Please leave your comments below.

— Chris McGinnis

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  • Chris McGinnis

    Probably a lot more of those guys rowing :)

  • John R. Grout

    What would the video be like if business travelers were mostly women?

  • David Huber

    Omg this video is outrageous!! Haha love it,

    I liked the introductions of the girls before everything started. I feel like it was a little distracting/too fast during life vest section( how to put on). Great video and more entertaining than VAs.

  • Jim

    Yowza…..does Air New Zealand fly SFO to Denver…or am I stuck watching the drab United safety video? :(