Frequent travelers love Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a's online menu

Chick-fil-a’s online menu

Poring over millions of travel expense reports always reveals some interesting data gems. For example, business travelers have a new found love for Chick-fil-a. We are also ordering take out food to eat in our hotel rooms more frequently.

That’s what we are hearing this week from Certify, a big expense management software company that analyzes several million expense reports to create its quarterly SpendSmart Report.

The most-expensed vendors from last quarter include Starbucks, Delta, Marriott, National Car Rental, as well as Costco, Shell and Amazon.

Certify says that meals constituted 21% of all travel and entertainment (T&E) receipts it analyzed,  followed by airlines (16%), hotels (13%) and car rentals (5%).

Here are some other interesting nuggets from the latest Certify study. See the infographic below, too.

>Business travelers love fast food, especially Chick-fil-A, which was the highest rated. Chipotle and Dunkin Donuts round out the top three highest rated restaurants. (I’m not sure if this is because we love fast food, or it’s ubiquity…maybe a little of both?)

>We also love to eat in our hotel rooms. In New York, a restaurant food delivery company called Seamless is now the #1 most expensed restaurant vendor the city, beating out Starbucks.

>Delta is the most expensed airline followed by United and American, but Southwest and Alaska are the highest rated.

>The cheapest place for dinner on the road is Philadelphia, averaging $37, while the cheapest lodging is in Dallas at an average $205 per night.

>The priciest town for dinner and hotel is, as always, New York at an average $71 for dinner and a whopping $422 per night for hotel, while Houston came in as the next highest city at $315 per night.

Where do YOU eat out most often when you are on the road? Is fast food a staple for you? Leave your comments below the infographic!

–Chris McGinnis

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  • burbanite223

    “Hate Chicken” is the best and I for one will support them with my money.

    They support family values and that is enough reason for me to give them two thumbs up. Progressives can cry me a river.

  • Diggy

    JD: You are EXACTLY 100% CORRECT. That’s why I NEVER stay at a Marriott — EVER.

  • Diggy

    Let me school you again, Extramail. FUNDING organizations who lobby for discrimination and hate groups is, in fact, having your hands dirty with discrimination.

  • Diggy

    You win on a technicality, Extramail. The poster should have said “a company that FINANCES discrimination.” Better?

  • David Troup

    Being gay or lesbian is not a “lifestyle choice” any more than being heterosexual is a choice. You display your own ignorance and prejudice.

  • JD

    How is news about the top expended travel items on a TRAVEL SITE something not of interest. Funny how many people on here are angry that Chris reported the facts. Sorry your upset that the vast majority of people are not as “enlightened” as you and don’t base an eating decision off of the CEO’s political views. And by the way, Marriott’s CEO is mormon, and they are against gay marriage. Wonder if he supports politics that you don’t. Oh, he would also be against coffee and drinking as well. Perhaps we should start another segment on here asking Chris not to report about Marriott?

  • JD

    Panera is actually not as healthy as many people believe. Their salads often have more fat than certain items at McDonalds. Subway is fantastic. Avacado season currently.

  • JD

    You only support equality for all those who agree with you. And gay marriage is far different than inter-racial marriages. But don’t let facts get in the way of your over-zealous smear campaign. Good for you, you don’t go to Chick-fil-a because you disagree with the owner and label him a bigot because of his opinions. I’m sure Obama will give you a congressional medal of honor now.

  • JD

    “Liberals” don’t like it when you think differently then them, or have other opinions. They are quite intolerant these days.

  • David Troup

    I don’t think anyone here has suggested that Chck-fil-a has practiced discrimination in their business. I have no idea if they have or not. But they’ve given their money to oppose equal rights for all. That’s bigotry, and it leads to and supports discrimination.

    If the issue here was race, and they were giving money to oppose legalizing marriage between people of different races, would you feel differently? Because the issue is identical.

    Personally, I believe in equality for all, and I shun businesses who express support for discrimination. Not opposing those sort of “thoughts” would make me guilty of supporting ideas which I find reprehensible.

  • Extramail

    Name me one homosexual chickfila has ever refused to serve. That is discrimination. Being against gay marriage is not discrimination; it is a thought.

  • Extramail

    Really? Name me one time chickfila discriminated against someone? Don’t you think that if that had ever happened there would have been a huge lawsuit and everyone would have heard about it? Just because Mr. Cathy doesn’t support gay marriage doesn’t mean he also then stands at the door and refuses to serve a homosexual. Really?

  • Marta

    I don’t eat politics, so that grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fruit is pretty darn good!!

  • 30309guy

    But there is also no need to harass people who patronize them as supporting it. I don’t ever go to WalMart in the states but quite honestly, when I’m in Cabo, other than Costco, they are my only choice for certain items. That doesn’t mean I support their business tactics or views. There are also many airports where there are few choices once you get through security. Sometimes this is Chick-Fil-A. I personally don’t eat fast food so I’m fine with a sandwich from Starbucks but…it’s the company that is the villain here, not the consumer.

  • 30309guy

    I totally get why Philly was the cheapest. Their ordinances that the airport vendors cannot charge more than those on the street are brilliant. That has to make up for a huge portion of their win.

  • 30309guy

    Whoa. I’m just as disappointed with travelers flocking to Chick-Fil-A as you are…and disgusted by their discrimination and intolerance but this is a blog that is telling facts from a study. I think it’s just as intolerant of you to expect reporting to “white-wash” the facts just because they are not the ones that most progressively thinking people like. This is a study and they are telling the facts…period. Be upset at the travelers who are patronizing them, not the messenger. Not everything is rose colored. We just have to accept that and not shoot the messenger. Their pictures of the menu items does seem a bit odd though, seeing as they didn’t emphasize any of the other categories.

  • ATLMatt

    Not agreeing with someone’s lifestyle choices does not equal discrimination and make one a bigot. I’ve never seen an LGBT individual denied service at a Chick-Fil-A. So where’s the discrimination? Their employees are the most courteous and provide the best customer service, by far, of any other fast food restaurant in business. That’s why they have been, and will continue to be, so successful.

  • Jon K

    I find their service excellent compared to other fast food outlets. Lost count of the number of times at other outlets when my order was wrong or overly delayed. Free wifi is another plus. About twenty years ago I was impressed when (now President) Dan Cathy was sitting next to me on a Valu-Jet flight to Florida.

  • David Troup

    I’m not sure why you feel the need to provide free advertising for a company that supports discrimination. I understand that you didn’t create the data, but you did create this blog, and chose to feature this information, complete with giant menu pictures from the religious zealots in question. If you really hated Chick-Fil-A’s support for discriminatory laws, I’d think you’d find something else from the Certify report to feature. Your actions and words do not match up and personally, I’m tempted to unsubscribe.

  • David Troup

    When ones “principles” include discrimination against one class of people, that IS bigotry. (And opposing discrimination doesn’t make someone a bigot. Maybe you need a dictionary.)

  • Al

    So because they have certain principles that you don’t agree with, that makes them a bigot? It sounds like you are a bigot yourself.

  • kwa829

    Chick-fil-a is way overrated and is run by a bunch of religious zealots. Great chain for Red State
    America. I can get by without it here on the west coast and have a happy life nonetheless. When I travel, there are other regional chains far more desirable.

  • Robert

    There are plenty of alternatives so there is no need for you to give in to bigots.

  • Chris McGinnis

    Hey A: I hate that about Chick-fil-a, and it’s definitely affected my perception of the chain as well as my dining decisions, esp when there are alternatives. But sometimes I just have to give in the the fried! :) –Chris

  • Chris McGinnis

    Panera is a much healthier choice and actually placed third on Certify’s list of most expensed after Subway. — chris

  • Chris McGinnis

    I’m afraid you are right about that! — chris

  • Oklahoma Sam

    Sadly, it makes sense since so many business trips take place in the suburban wasteland of office parks where there aren’t many other options!

  • Anderson

    Clik-fil-A actively promotes legislation that seeks to prevent gay people from getting married. That’s *very* uncool. I don’t want my money funding bigotry.

  • Erubus

    Exactly – and junk food despite all. This site should recycle old airport or airplane or airline articles if news is this slooooow…

  • cmcguinness

    Panera — can get relatively healthy food quick. If I’m near a Whole Foods I’ll hit their buffet. After that, it’s random. I agree with Shawn about Chick-Fil-A, FWIW.

  • dovertime

    I love Chick-Fil-A more than anything….except when it’s Sunday and I’m nursing a hangover and the lights are off….I tend to forget every single time!

  • ptahcha

    Any report that says Olive Garden as one of the most highly rated restaurants should not be trusted.

  • Shawn

    Too bad they don’t support equal rights. Haven’t eaten there in almost 4 years as a result.